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The Innovatio patent-lawsuit campaign we reported on two weeks ago is starting to produce some pushback. SonicWALL, a San Jose company that sells internet-connection and security hardware, is stepping up to defend some of the companies targeted by Innovatio.

In a declaratory judgment complaint [PDF] filed on Friday, the company asks to invalidate 17 different Innovatio patents that have been asserted in litigation. SonicWALL says that some of the hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops that Innovatio has targeted use the company’s “wireless access points” and networking services, and have asked SonicWALL to indemnify them against the costs of this suit, the complaint says.

SonicWALL also claims that much of its equipment may already be licensed to Innovatio’s patents. The patents Innovatio is using were previously owned by Broadcom, which licensed the patents to companies like Agere Systems, Intermec, and STMicroelectronics. Since some of SonicWALL’s products use parts from those companies, they may well already be licensed, the complaint argues.

SonicWALL had 819 employees and just over $200 million in revenue in 2009, according to the most recent 10-K available on the company (which is now private.)

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